At the beginning of a new season, all new products across all lines are presented beautifully to global buyers and wholesalers. Our team was entirely responsible for the look and feel of each collection.
My role: Concept, Casting, Location Scouting, Set Design, Art direction & Design
Line: Summer 17 Tailored 
Photographer: Marc De Groot
Summer 17 Tailored: Collection Film
Line: Summer 17 Underwear
Photographer: Tommy Hilfiger Creative Studio
Summer 17 Underwear: Collection Film
Video: Mick De Lint
Line: Fall/Winter 16 Underwear
Photographer: John Akehurst
Fall/Winter 16 Underwear: Collection Film
Line: Fall/Winter 16 Tailored
Photographer: Marc De Groot
Fall/Winter 16 Tailored: Collection Film
Line: Fall/Winter 16 Menswear
Photographer: Marc De Groot
Fall/Winter 16 Menswear: Collection Film
Line: Fall/Winter 16 Underwear Packaging
Photographer: John Akehurst

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